It’s all about food styling and choosing the right props. Discover a few simple yet highly effective tricks for taking beautiful and tempting food photos with your Smart Phone.

Natural light is the best

Lighting from behind the dish makes it more appealing.Use natural day light and try to take your photos in the morning or noon. Place the dishes near the window.Remember that taking photos during the day will allow for natural lighting and will help you avoid dark shadows

Pick Fresh ingredient

Be very careful to pick the fresh fruit or vegetable. We photograph these things really close up so even the tiniest flaws will show up. Check them over closely when you buy your vegetables. It’s important to take a quality photograph of the menu item, it’s equally important that it’s exactly what’s placed in front of the customer.

Create a Scene to complete the picture

You got to tell the story,the food and the background does the trick and make your photos more interesting. Try adding some of the dry ingredients that you used when cooking the food, create piles of different colored spices, or sprinkle add some nuts or herbs.

Edit for Best results

Look at the photos after taking them, and decide which one creates the most balanced presentation. Get creative and try to show it in a different way than most people would see it.Just a tilt adds some drama.Food photos should be colorful, bright, and sharp. Easy to use photo apps help you to achieve the result.

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