Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation know as SEO is a process by which the visibility of a website is enhanced on search engines to draw visitors organically. Multiple functions need to be performed to increase the page rank of a website. Higher to the page rank greater the chances to increase visitors to the site. Organic SEO is not a paid service to the search engines like PPC.

The SEO process considers the algorithms of search engines which determine page ranks. Optimizing a website involves adding & editing content, doing associated HTML coding to increase relevance to specific keywords , remove barriers to the Indexing activities of search engines and promote a site to increase the number of quality backlinks or inbound links.

We have a team of SEO experts who are experienced in SEO techniques to provide maximum results to increase Organic visitors to a website.

Pay Per Click

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a PPC service on Google Search Engine.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is a paid service of advertising on Search Engines. Relevant keywords are selected by the advertiser and linked to adds placed in a manner when someone searches for a relevant key word should land on the advertisers add. Each time someone lands on the advertisers add and clicks on it to land onto the advertises website is a click. The cost of each click is determined by a bidding system of the search engine depending on a few factors including the page and position on a page. The higher the page placement usually determines a higher bid.

A lot of effort goes into building an effective PPC Campaign. While building an effective PPC Campaign careful consideration is given to selecting the right keywords, proper adds placement and landing pages. The landing pages should be effective and attract the visitor to engage with the advertiser.

We have the expertise to set up the advertiser’s campaign so that the advertiser can get a High Return on Investment to increase sales.

Customer Data Management

One of the effective ways to increase sales is to capture every lead into a data base. In the day to day activities of a restaurant customers walk in, order online, or search the restauranteurs website to review the Menu and information of the restaurant before visiting or make on line reservations. The effort should be made to capture all the customer’s information in a data base. This data base can be used to market back to the customers. Email Campaigns, Notifications, Social Media Marketing, are a few of the many ways to reach out to customers and keep them informed of all the activities at the restaurant and the specials.

We work closely with the restaurateur to create campaigns and methods to achieve maximum results.



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