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Custom Built for your Restaurant. No Commission Charged.

Online Ordering

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Order Receiving App


The On Line Order Receiving App receives orders directly onto a Smartphone or Tablet which is connected to the printers. The Order Receiving App also maintains the order history and allows the Restaurant Owner to manage the order queue and other features.



Marketing Services

Managing the restaurant marketing & social media can be confusing and extremely time consuming. We work closely with the restaurateur to create campaigns and methods to achieve maximum results. Collecting email addresses and phone numbers are crucial towards building an ongoing relationship with your customers. SonitekDine makes it all easy. We can customise a marketing campaign or work with our pre-built packages



What You Get
$200 Per Month

  • 88% percent BUSINESSES in North America use Social Media in some capacity for marketing purposes.
    86% of marketers stated that Social Media is important for their business. The internet has 3.5 billion users.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram
    (Increases Exposure, Increases Traffic, Develops Loyal Fans, Generates Leads, Improves Search Ranking, Grows Business Partnerships, Reduces Marketing Expenses, Improves Sales, Increased Profitability)

What You Get
$300 Per Month

  • Marketing & Back Office Management
  • Menu Management, Gallery Management, Banner Management, Online Data Collection, Offline Data Management, Email Marketing
  • Optimization and Analytics
  • On Page Optimization, Local Search Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram




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