Restaurant Promotion Ideas


How to improve Restaurant Sales?

1. Your Staff should be Awesome!

Staff brings a culture to your restaurant. Make your customers feel good by treating them well. You should have training sessions with your staff which will educate them for future interactions with clients. Its an effective way to increase restaurant sales.

2. Participate in Community Charity

As part of your community, you can give back in many ways. Host a charity dinner, with part of the proceeds going to a virtuous cause. Sponsor a petite league team or a nearby school team. It will be a great initiative towards the society and it would create a good public image!

3. Welcome Kids

You should emphasize on becoming a kid-friendly restaurant. Not only kids will ask their parents to take them there more often, its very likely that your start getting reservations for kid’s birthday parties soon enough.

4. Tweaking the Menu

Always bring new food experiences to your customers- they just love it! If you haven’t updated your menu in a while, it’s the best time to do it. Be updated about the menu changes happening at your competitor’s place, always stay a step ahead.

5. Interact with your customer

Welcome your customer with a smiling hello! Introduce yourself, ask for a feedback, make them feel comfy. Interaction will definitely improve restaurant sales.

6. Spread the Love through Social Media

Social media allows you to reach customers anytime and anywhere! Share your love with them through promotional offers and offering discounts on social media. It also gives you an opportunity to show off your restaurant through pictures and videos. Hashtags will let your customers know how trendy & up to date you are!

7. Mobile ordering

Make ordering process easy! It would be so much easier if customers can place orders through your responsive website on their smartphone. You will improve your sales and customer experience.

8. Compensate the bad customer experience

Don’t be cheap! If a customer doesn’t like something you should compensate them with little things like free desert or on the house beverage. Sometimes you might think that they are taking advantage of you, but ask yourself how often does it happen anyway?

9. Solve problems

Whether it is a buyer who has the problem or a staff member, the sooner it is sorted out, the less distress it will cause you.

10. Outsource and Relax

With a busy schedule you might want to outsource some of the above, so that you can focus on what you do best, make delicious food! Contact us at for great offers on Restaurant marketing.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Being a restaurant owner makes you realize the importance of regular communication with customers. Building a professional connection with customers increases business effectiveness. Luckily we live in the modern world where all communication is possible through digital media like web, emailer, texting etc. With new technologies coming in to picture we have to be very careful in cultivating this opportunity to reach our customers directly and build a relationship with them, also it brings a responsibility to respect your brand and create a positive presence for your business.

In the long list of various communication options, social media offers a few benefits above the rest.

Learning effective ways of utilizing social media will open a sky of opportunities for your business. On the Contrary, misusing social media can prove to be harmful for your business success.

Effective Social Media CharacteristicsMisuse of Social Media Examples
Announce events and closings details Customers get annoyed with regular spamming.
Helping customers in engaging with your brand. People drive away from scandal make sure you don’t cross the line while posting.
Using social media as another customer service platform. Misinterpretation is caused when one fails to reply to customer’s query/comments.

The most exciting thing associated with optimal use of social media is that it acts as a free advertisement! To set up and manage your social media presence you need to keep some important things in your mind, which includes:

  • Creation of social media channels.
  • Keeping track and Analyzing activities on Social Media.
  • DO’s and Don’ts for each social media platform
  • Calculating your Return on Investment (ROI)



Creating of social media channels

Don’t just dive in the ocean right away! You need to contemplate on the objective and lay down a structure for accomplishing it. Considering things like the voice tone, responsiveness, and focus are imperative before starting your journey in the world of social media, it plays a major role in determining the type of posts and campaign you will take part in.

If you already have Social media accounts, then you might want to revisit these basic steps to make sure that you are putting the best foot forward in representing your business online.

Decorum in Social Media

Remember in Social Media, you are what you post! So, while communicating online you should think that the person you are talking to is perceiving you from the content you just posted. Make conversations as you’d make in person, be respectful. So, basically, you need to behave the same way with an online visitor on your page as you would treat a customer visiting your restaurant in person—be courteous and responsive. Your online presence is your professional space.

Convey Value

Don’t focus on the quantity but quality of online posts. Need not getting indulged in too much promotion, you need to focus on providing valuable content to your customers which is in context with your brand. This will be helpful in keeping the customers engaged.

Remain Determined

No one is expected to be expert in everything, so pick up your area of expertise and work on it. This will make you more determined you could enhance the quality of your online presence.

Know Your Audience

You should know better about your customer than anybody else. You should spend time in analysing the type of audience that comes in your restaurant and what are their likes and dislikes. You should deliver the content that the customer really want to see. Also, steadily you can move your focus on the posts that will elaborate future business goals.

Create a Personality for your online presence

Make an independent personality, Of course there are varying degrees of what’s appropriate for every type of business, but chances are, you can bring a little bit of personality to your social media presence. You can appreciate the employees who have been with you for years, putting them in the spotlight is a great way to show that you’re proud to have them as employees. This illustrates that you recognize their hard work which helps keep your business running smoothly, also it makes you look good since it portrays that you treat your staff well enough to keep them around! This can go a long way towards building a sense of comradery among your staff and helping customers develop a relationship with your brand.

Keeping Track of Activity on Social Media

You perhaps don’t have time to monitor all of your social media movement all day long. You can hire us to do all the above things and more at very affordable monthly charges (contact:

There are about countless paid services out there, you can treasure free ones, too. One of the most used by general public is HootSuite. This tools allow you to schedule posts ahead of time to create a consistent schedule. One more great way to keep track of what folks are saying about your brand is to set up Google Alerts. Or you can simply contact us through our website for free advice:

DO’s and Don’ts for each social media platform

Every social media channel is different from the other in some way. They all offer different prospects to embrace different kinds of info and influence people/customers in different ways. It’s typically a decent idea to sustain a solid presence on as many channels as you can. Let’s explore some of the strengths you’ll find on each social media outlet.

YELP/ Skip the Dishes/ Uber eats

We understand that these portals take away a large percentage of your order’s value, but still you should enlist yourself with these third party applications and drive in as many customers as you can. Later you can ask these customers to place order directly on your own website so that you don’t have to pay hefty commissions. If you don’t have your own website to take online orders SonitekDine can make one for you at nominal expense.

  • Set up your individual folio on all these platforms- For the reason that if you didn’t, someone else will.
  • Being regular in replying to reviews—be it good or bad. If a review is very damaging, you may want to reach out to the referee in confidence, too.
  • If possible, you can prevent bad reviews by addressing any concerns before a purchaser leaves your restaurant. Compensating a disappointing meal and offering a free pudding or drink voucher is another way to turn a bad experience into another chance. But if a customer leaves before you can address the apprehension in person, these platforms can offer you a chance to right any wrongs.
  • Utilize negative comments as an educational tool for your supervision. Discuss various issues that may have caused a bad experience for the customer, try to take ideas from the employees and you may even go for a brainstorming event to see what’s going in the minds of your people. It will help to resolve inconvenience in the future operations.




Most of the people have a Facebook account, so it’s a great idea to promote your brand and share information such as locations, hours of operation and contact number. You can actually utilize Facebook space to convey your story to customers and the vision you have for the coming future, also what sets you apart from the competition.

  • Use graphics: Photos, videos, and even links make your posts more fascinating.
  • Facebook promotes “live” posts, so take benefit of this, whenever suitable.
  • Contemplate on doing the paid ads as it is highly targeted and effective.
  • SonitekDine will help to setup paid adverts and analyze what’s suitable for your business.




If you can’t write more words, use pictures instead! Instagram is really popular among the younger generation and tempting food pictures attract them to your restaurant. By setting up your restaurant on Instagram, foodies can check in at your place, groups and followers can see where they enjoyed the delicious food in their photo. It’s the most trending app for foodies!

We interviewed one restaurant owner who described why Instagram is his choice:

“We choose Instagram as it brings life to our picture in just a blink of an eye. The inbuilt filters are most suited for the food industry I believe, many customers tell me that I saw this picture on your Instagram page and I want to try this”– Mara Jones

  • Focussed heavily on images: you should try to put different pictures which tells about the theme of your restaurant.
  • Innovative features: the 24hr story has really helped the food industry as people can post everyday specials on their story and be in touch with the customer through direct messaging.
  • Hashtags helps allot in promotions, don’t forget yours.




The real-time infrastructure of this channel makes it more suitable for the mobile businesses like that of a moving food truck or a caterer, their customers can easily locate their current location through Twitter.

  • Makes it easy to interact with your customers.
  • Sometimes, GIFS makes it possible to communicate your prospective better than words.
  • Quick access to information.




YouTube has become really widespread mode of communication. You can have all your videos in one if you create your own channel on YouTube, also its easy to share the videos on Facebook or Twitter directly from YouTube. With the video description you can reach a greater audience and they can contact you through the comments section. People can like and share your videos too.

  • Videos are interesting for the customers and have been proved to stand most effective time to time. No wonder TV ads are so expensive.
  • Videoa reach a wider audience. More people can understand the information which you want to provide.
  • Live YouTube videos are premeditated to bring traffic to your video message in real time.
  • These days the video quality of phone camera or tablet is good enough to clearly send a message across to the customer via video, so expensive cameras are not required, you can communicate via YouTube anytime anywhere!




This platform is great for businesses; you should definitely consider to create one of these. This increases your overall visibility in Google searches. Sidebars in search engine are linked directly to the Google+ account, this enables more customers to search you easily.

  • Make Communities Set up, allows you to meet the people with common interests.
  • Huge impact on Google’s search engine, new customers can find you easily.
  • Subscribers receive email for all your new updates. You stay connected with your followers.




A New platform; can be called twitter in a video mode. You can live stream video through mobile app, go live and respond to the queries posted by customers while streaming. It’s a real time experience you should definitely think over it.


Blogs help your customers to know about you better, maybe when they research about you, it’s the best tool for them. A well maintained blog history, helps to push your business in the online market. Even though its not as popular as as other social media but it’s a more intelligent way of getting your message across to customer, maybe sometime it can act as a sales pitch for the potential customers reading it online.

Measuring return on investment (ROI)

To make your SOCIAL MEDIA drive a success, you need to monitor it continuously to see where you started from and how much progress have you made. Here are some ways to measure your social media efforts:

  • Promotional Coupon codes which you uploaded on Social Media will help you calculate the success rate. The more number of people coming to redeem coupon means your message is getting delivered to a larger audience.
  • Analytics tools: SonitekDine can help build analytics report. These technical reports can help you take your business to new heights.
  • Don’t expect miracles to happen on the first day: Social Media is all about staying in touch and getting recognised on online platforms. Once your brand has stabilized online, you can expect to make a lot more money.
  • Go for PPC: if you think organic SEO and SMM are too slow, SonitekDine can set up campaigns for you. These campaigns work on pay per click basis. Your brand can become number one in all searches depending on the money you are ready to spend.
  • Be updated and keep learning: Social Media and online marketing will never be the same for a longer duration, its always changing so you need to change with time! Its always cost effective to outsource this service to the professionals. SonitekDine has been helping businesses like yours to establish themselves in todays competitive online market. We hope that this article has helped you to understand the fine lines of Social Media, we would love to hear from you! If you want to get a quotation contact: (



Effective Ways Restaurants Can Use Facebook Pages to Increase Business

Some statistics that might interest you:

(Source: FB latest financial disclosed on 11/02/16)

Monthly active users on Facebook 1.8Billion
Most common age demographic 25 to 34 Yrs.
US and Canada’s small businesses listed on Facebook 41%
Organic reach of Facebook posts ~ 2%

Nowadays, it is essential for independent restaurants to have their own Facebook Business Page. In this blog, we shall discuss about the different strategies which will help you make an effective Facebook page and a brief about Facebook promotion options. You need to follow these simple steps to optimize your Facebook page:

1. Analyze Your Restaurant’s Facebook Performance with this free Tool:

SonitekDine Analysis: For this you need to email your Facebook page name via email to and they will reply you with free analysis of your current standing in the online market.

2. Initiate Optimizing Your Restaurant’s Facebook Business Page

After studying the page report, the next step is to improve the page with info that your visitors (or potential customers) are searching for. Having the correct user name with an attractive cover picture with precise dimensions and having a CTA tab to store customer information are the main features of an optimized Facebook page


3. Content Rules the game!

After precisely optimizing your page, it’s time to work on the most important aspect of a Facebook Business page i.e. Content.

Having the right, precise and accurate content will help you to build a strong landing page on Facebook. The following guideline will help you to prepare content for your next post:

Understanding your followers/visitors – actually, your guests or potential customers. Refer Facebook Insights to get an impression about a typical customer profile. Comprehend what they are searching for, what is of their interest, etc. You’re in crux of constructing a mini buyer persona.

Content Plan: You need to Come up with a content plan and make strategy based on your customers’ requirements. Content needs to be a mixture of pictures, quotes, videos, gif’s, promotional offer, newsletter, brochure, discount coupons, festival wishing etc. The main objective is to get more and more people to follow your page. Your content should also include a combination of queries, competitions/contests, and promotional offers. It should all be planned out ahead of time, Content strategy provides an outlay of what all content is prearranged for a specified period or time frame.

SonitekDine will continue to track your page performance and recommend changes that will help to improve your page effectiveness.

Content Boosting: According to the latest statistics only 2% reach is attainable with the organic optimization, so to get good results you should spend some money on Facebook advertisement. Luckily, the effect of your “advertisement dollars” is totally worth it. You can select your audience and target your ads only on them, one can assign a budget and analyze the performance on regular basis. Facebook make available a series of tools grounded on your campaign type, it also includes calculations regarding effectiveness of your advertisement’s.

Choose specific objectives for your campaign/ads – for example: Branding or Generating leads for your Business or Inviting people for an event/offer. You need to define your targeted audience using Facebook’s parameters such as “detailed targeting” along with specified location and budget. Make artwork/ graphics that would go well along with the campaign or post. You can post an image, GIF, or even a video. Make sure that Your images’ text is within the 20% limit and you can check this online before posting.

Here is some information (in the screenshot) to help you effectively plan your comprehensive Facebook advertisement campaigns along with the Tools offered by Facebook:


By studying and implementing these measures your Facebook page shall show decent improvement. Do let us know if you need any personal assistance ( in implementing a professional campaign for your restaurant, SonitekDine will be happy to help! We are a one stop shop for Restaurant online marketing.


It is important that the waiting staff can request a satisfied customer to post a review and offer them a discount coupon to be used on a subsequent visit as a thank you for their effort. These days everyone carries a cell phone or the waiting staff can hand them a cell phone with the review page open to post the review. There are many more ways to encourage customers to write reviews. Ask us How ? For more information and to set up a no cost no obligation discussion please contact us at

We offer custom web design services along with a templated store of user friendly websites for your restaurant to fit your budget. For more information please write to us or contact us for a free consultation.

Having an interactive website is the absolute necessity. Once the website is up and running should be connected to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Managing these accounts is crucial because the quality of the content has a direct impact on the ability to increase followers and keep them engaged. Thru the interactive website many tools such as feed back form, testimonials and capturing the customer’s information or encouraging them to follow on Social Media is crucial. We offer many options to perform various services to take your restaurant online and manage the day to day activities. Please contact for free consultation or contact us.

This video speaks about various steps to perform Social Media Marketing for your restaurant We have a variety of packages that can be customised to suit your needs and budget. Ask Us how? or contact us

How to Increase Restaurant Sales


Your staff should be trained to upsell. An extra desert, appetizer, beverage on top of your average ticket size might upsurge your sales by 5-10% on the very day. Its one of the most effective strategy to increase restaurant sales. Indulge in training sessions with your waiters and analyze their performance. You might want to tell your staff that they are in sales business and sometimes small efforts boosts a sale.


How to increase restaurant delivery sales?
Well! Going online is the answer. You should understand that a user friendly online ordering system can drive in a lot of delivery and pick-up requests. This way you can increase sales without hiring new people in your restaurant also it would enable you to implement loyalty programme for the online customers. Statistics shows, more than 90% of people that order from a restaurant online return to that restaurant. The operational cost of your restaurant remains the same if you can get some extra business from online source it only adds to your profits. It’s a trending action plan to increase sales in a restaurant, believe me It’s cherry on the cake!


The group of people born after 1985 – also referred as Millennials – take most of their decisions after online searches. They sleep with their phone next to them. Research shows that most Millennials decide where they want to eat six hours prior from the meal time. There are only 29% people who decide in the last hour. So to attract the other 71% millennials you need to have a strong mobile presence. You require a trendy website which opens perfectly on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Advertise yourself on all social media platforms so that people can find you and share reviews, photographs, comments. Don’t forget to put on relevant information about your restaurant such as your timings, your photo gallery, your story, and contact number for reservations. Millennials focus more on a frictionless experience, always remember this!

Tell us which suggestion worked out for you!

We have a dedicated team for online restaurant marketing We can help you grow your online business.

It is important that the restaurant website be mobile friendly and easy to navigate. The majority of people use their smartphones and tablets to search and engage online. We can perform an audit of your website and correct any flaws. Contact us or write to us at for a consultant to contact you to set up a time to discuss the options.

Customers are more receptive to read a message than log into their emails. Instant/text messaging gets the message across quicker and subsequently helps augment the interaction between patron and restaurant. Please contact us or write to us at and we will discuss other options and benefits.

The type of food and the location of the restaurant could determine an appropriate name. list many possible names and go online to see if others are using the name. Select the best suitable name and register it as a trade name as a Business Name Registration with the government authorities. We can help you finalise a name and help you register with the ministry. This was the chances of some one else taking your name will minimise. or contact us

A win back campaign to bring back lost customers is crucial because there is so much competition that keeping the repeat revenue from customers is crucial. We have many options and ways to do this. Loyalty programs, making a courteous call and wishing them on an occasion, sending a greeting are some of the campaigns that can be developed. Please write to us at or contact us

Social Media is the present day method to communicate. It allows text and graphics too express. It is instant and quick communication. It connects and delivers a message effectively. We have many social Media campaigns. Please contact us or write to us for free consultation

Online searches or sites like Kajiji or Craig’s List are a good way to search for vendors. We offer a competitive product and displayed our product and features Please write to us and we would provide to an indept comparison of our product features and compared with our competition. or contact us

We can discuss various ways to convert bad reviews to good ones. Usually a customer who is disgruntled will express negative comments. Reaching out to a an unhappy customer is a great way to mend a relationship. Apologies and some form of good faith gestures are excellent ways to reverse a bad review. This requires an in depth strategy to be discuss with our consultant who can provide various solutions. or contact us.

Coupons help restaurants, increase sales and market share, sell faster, keep and increase loyal customers, and out perform competitor advertising. Coupons carry a better attraction to get customers as compared to word of mouth. Many more benefits. Ask us how?

We have addressed various methods in point number 15. In addition, additional methods are possible to implement. Our consultant can provide various solutions. or contact us for more information

Increase Restaurant Sales with These 3 Simple Steps:

With loads of competition and swiftly moving trends, it can be hard to keep your business at the forefront of customers’ attention. This blog will help you discover some measures which you can take to:

  • Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant.
  • Make your Regulars Revisit and Buy Again.
  • Develop a great customer Base and maintain a steady cash flow.



1. Enhance Your Mobile Presence:

A Combination of mobile friendly website and mobile ordering app is a must for establishing strong online domain for your restaurant. People can easily find mobile apps for just about anything these days, whether it is listening to music, reading online books, watching videos, or playing video games. Why should ordering food be any different? Restaurant owners should pursue the industry’s next big market: mobile ordering.

“Students today are glued to their phones and our company has focused to create a robust E-Commerce mobile ordering platform for individual restaurants, we have created a product that restaurant owner can easily understand and implement” says CEO & Founder of Sonitek Dine, Sushan Soni. “Restaurant Owners can now manage to receive online orders directly and without paying any commissions to third party”.

It’s no secret that large number of people access the web mostly on their mobile devices. No matter how much time you put into your restaurant’s website, if it’s not aligned for phones and tablets, most of your customers will bounce right off the page. Your Restaurant needs a responsive website where customers can come see your menu, gallery, specials and can place orders for pickup/delivery. It really helps to establish your online presence and it also provides anytime, anywhere access to your customers.

2. The power of Social Media:

Social media is a powerful force in the restaurant business. More than a quarter of U.S. and Canada’s consumers have suggested a product, brand, service or an artefact to a friend with social media within the last three months. With more and more people on social sharing platforms, diners now regularly engage in updating food pictures and posting comments about their recent experience with different restaurants.

Research reveals that nearly 7 out of 10 customers (70%) have used Facebook to take decisions on their restaurant selection or retail buying, based on photos and reviews that have been shared by other users. So, Is depriving your restaurant from social media a smart move? Here are some other benefits of social media:

  • Enhances Customer Experiences
  • Improves Trust and Loyalty Towards Your Brand
  • Drives Brand Advocacy by being transparent
“The finest restaurants don’t just sell food—they sell experiences to their customers”. For many customers, being active on social media is a part of the appeal of dining out and having fun since it enables them to share their experiences instantly with friends and family.



You work so hard to get new customers in the door: you spend more on advertisements to get more foot traffic, even your social media postings are on the right track, and you’re always updating your menu based on the latest trends. But what measures are you taking to ensure that each person who enters your restaurant is going to come back again and spend more money on your food? You should know better that acquiring new customers is much more expensive than keeping the ones you already have, so why not satisfy the existing customers and reward them time to time. Loyalty helps you increase your sales!

“With our new loyalty and rewards program, you will now be having the power of gifting your valuable customers with cashbacks, and other exciting offers time to time. Your customer is yours forever!” says CEO & Founder of Sonitek Dine, Sushan Soni.

An interactive website with a user friendly online ordering system built in with a loyalty program retains existing customers who keep coming back to use their rewards. A satisfied customer will recommend others to patronise your restaurant. Word of mouth is an excellent way to increase customers and grow sales and improve profitability. We have a strong effective and interactive solution to accomplish good results. Reach us at or contact us.

We have covered various recommendation in item 5 also. In interactive website is crucial because customers like to browse the menu and read about the restaurant before inviting friends and relatives or simply go out for an enjoyable meal themselves. We specialise in interactive mobile friendly websites. Ask us how? Contact us or write to us at

There are many ways to gather information or build a good data base of customers. A walk in customer should be encouraged to follow the restaurant on social media for updates and upcoming events. Likewise, a request for review or testimonial or subscribe to a news letter are all powerful ways to get a walk-in customer to become part of the data base of the restaurant. At the point of settlement of the bill the waiting staff can encourage the customer to provide engage in some of the ideas above. We have many options which the consultant can discuss. Please contact us for a free consultation or write to us at

The restaurant website should have a section to subscribe to a newsletter and or write a review or testimonial. A facility to order online, download and use the restaurant app, participate in a loyalty program are all ways to capture client information which can be used to market back to a customer. Please contact us or write to us and we will send you information that may help you to capture and effectively manage the data.

It is important to reach out to prospects who may have visited the restaurant or the website or had called to make an inquiry. It is important to target the right clients both consumer and corporate, build relationships, promote the brand/restaurant name and become a master networker. Way and means to increase prospects can be identified. We have the experience to guide you depending on your budget. Any financial outlay is care fully structured to provide a good ROI. Contact us or write to us sales call.

Successful Restaurant Marketing Strategies:

1. Online marketing with amazing food filters and images:

Image marketing is an amazingly fast way to spread word and attract customers. Images should be tempting and appropriate food filters should be used to make them eye-catching. Graphic content is in great demand online these days, and having appealing food photos on your website and across various social media channels is vital for drawing hungry eyes. Contact us to learn restaurant marketing strategies which will boost your restaurants sale (

2. Introduce Loyalty Programs


Loyalty helps you to retain your hard earned customers! It’s an effective way to get your customers to visit again. SonitekDine brings an online ordering system with inbuilt loyalty program. Contact us to get notified about custom built loyalty program.

3. Register on portals


Register on all food delivery portals. Get associated with a widespread market. Once they have given you a customer ask that customer to order directly next time, this will save you allot of commissions. You can start working on your own online food ordering platform once you have enough people who frequently order online. SonitekDine provides a robust custom built online food ordering platform for restaurant at affordable price.

4. Create Your Google+ Account

When you search a business within Google engine, Google’s Knowledge Graph delivers the business’s details in the sidebar (right side). It’s like you have bought a prime real estate property for free!! Ask us how you can do it today!

5. Geo-targeted Ads

Know your restaurants range, target only the relevant people, spend less and get better results. SonitekDine will set up adverb campaign for your restaurant after analysis! It will boost your sales and improve your online ranking.

6. Keep customers engaged with Social Media and Newsletters.

Summon up, your restaurant newsletter doesn’t have to be weekly – in fact, customers will perhaps appreciate a less flooded inbox if you modestly send them a newsletter every month or so. Need some newsletter templates? No problem! Contact us today we will be happy to help you with latest social media and newsletter trends.

We offer an excellent program of paid marketing on social media for your restaurant. Please contact us and one of our associates will contact you to schedule a time to provide you an on line presentation and give you guidance on how to do affordable marketing on social Media.


Please ask us about our mobile app custom built for your restaurant. The app comes with an in built loyalty feature. Every time a customer order in house or online a percentage set by the owner of the restaurant gets added to the clients account. These credits can be redeemed on subsequent purchases. Please contact us at or follow us on social media for regular updates. We also encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.

Good Service—Courteous Staff--- Keeping in touch with customers thru constant updates about events happening at the restaurant on Social Media-Offer periodic discounts are some of the the ways to build a loyal following. Please contact us at and a consultant will be in touch to discuss many more options.

At SonitekDine we can customise a loyalty program embedded in your restaurant app and online. The loyalty program is manageable and the restauranteur can set its rewards percentage of sales. A loyalty program is a great feature to keep client’s loyalty and get repeat business. Please write to us or contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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